Enterprise Class Proxy Server Technology Platform

Fast, reliable, self-healing and scalable Geo-specific highly anonymous Proxy Server Platform & API,
for Software Developers, SEO & Digital Marketing professionals.

Optimized for mass scraping & rapid Search Engine data extraction - without being blocked

Reliability & Availability

Reliability & AvailabilitySoftware companies and Digital Marketing agencies that depend on Proxy Servers for their mission critical data collection requirement depend on our actively managed high availability self-healing Enterprise Class Proxy Server Platform.


Block ProtectionWe protect you from blocks by intelligently assigning your Proxy Servers from our huge and diverse range of C, B and A Classes and locations, optimized for your purpose. You’re able to start straight, and active management keeps blocks to a minimum.

Speed and Scalability

Speed and ScalabilityWith large infrastructure actively managed in 180 cities and hundreds of points of presence in 80+ countries, you’re assured of low latency and fast response, and redundant capacity able to instantly scale to peaks in your demand.

Data &
Network Security

Data & Network SecurityPublic Proxy services or “P2P networks” that are an “incredible deal” are likely connecting you to some form of botnet, or other’s people’s PC’s without their knowledge, risking your data and network. By contrast, Trusted Proxies manages your Proxy Servers in secure Data Centers.


24/7 HelpBetween our Sys Admins, Tech Support staff and Customer Support team, Trusted Proxies can always help you. You can communicate with us by phone, email, ticket system, Customer Portal or Live Chat.

Global Infrastructure

Global InfrastructureWith a network in more than 180 worldwide cities, you can get country and US Metro location specific data for the markets important to you. Easily connect to our network with your third party software, or connect your custom software via API.

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