High Speed Web Scraping With The Proxy Server Cloud

Achieve high-speed web scraping to non-search engine sites
600 requests per minute
Access your data in real time from just $50 per month
One hostname, no server lists

Unleash Mass Web Scraping

The Proxy Server Cloud runs at 600 requests per minute.

Get the data you need to complete your reports at the speed you’ve always wanted.

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Easily Integrate Your Software

Simple Integration

Easily integrate your software to our Proxy Server Cloud.

Compatible with most custom software and programming languages, including Java, .NET, PHP, and many more.

Start from just $50

Perfect for individuals, small agencies and large scale web scraping requirements.

Accessible price points mean anyone can harness the power of The Proxy Server Cloud.

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One Hostname

No server lists. Ever

Point your software to one hostname address.

Wave goodbye to managing and maintaining large and difficult lists of endpoints.

Test with no obligation

Request a test drive and check how The Proxy Server Cloud can supercharge your web scraping.

Note: The Proxy Server Cloud is not compatible with search engines, for which we recommend our specialised Big-G Stealth Extractor.

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Popular Use Cases For The Proxy Server Cloud

Due to lower overheads, many traditional retailers are looking to leave bricks and mortar stores behind. That makes them ultra-competitive.

This means you need to incredibly aware of the landscape around you. If you’re an online retailer, then you know that monitoring your competitors is critical to the effectiveness of your business. If you don’t, then you’re simply not going to get the sales.

Holidays and travel will never go out of fashion. Travel sites like Expedia, Booking and AirBnB are some of the biggest and well-known companies in the world.

These companies make hundreds of thousands, even millions of bookings every day. If you want to stay popular, then you know that monitoring your competitors and booking availability is critical to the effectiveness of your business.

The fiercest competition on the web lies between e-Commerce sites, retailers, hotels and airlines.

Major sites make changes numbering into the hundreds of thousands, even millions, every day. If you’re in one of these areas, then monitoring your competitors’ prices can be critical to the effectiveness of your business. If you’re not ahead of the game, then you’re not in the game.

Customized Web Scraping IP Rotation Solutions

Classic Cloud

The standard Proxy Server Cloud automatically allocates your requests through random endpoints, which is fine for most use cases.

If you’re looking to fine-tune your web scraping, we also offer the Uber Cloud and Continuum Cloud products.

Continuum Cloud

The Continuum Cloud is a time-based IP service. The IP address in each session changes automatically after a set number of minutes.

This enables you to perform several transactions, then have the IP address change managed for you.

Uber Cloud

The Uber Cloud is our “IP-On-Demand” Proxy Server Cloud service.

Your software requests a new endpoint on demand, which enables you to complete an entire transaction from the same IP address before changing it only when you’re ready.

Why Trusted Proxies For Mass Web Scraping?

High Speed

Achieve rapid results through an optimised, high-speed web scraping solution running on top of our Enterprise-Class proxy server platform.

Accessible Pricing

Harness the power of the Proxy Server Cloud high-speed web scraping solution from just $50 per month.

Perfect for small scales and large volumes, one-off reports or long term projects.


Instantly scalable plans provide the flexibility you need to react to any peaks in demand.

Easily meets the complex needs of SaaS developers, data intelligence gatherers and web scrapers


Let our Sys Admin team ensure your peace of mind.

Keep your global, mission-critical scraping operations running with our highly optimised, self-healing and redundant infrastructure.

24/7 Support

Receive around the clock assistance across all time zones.

Our Tech Support team are available through phone, email and ticket as standard.


Our vast range of intelligently assigned and actively managed C, B and A class servers minimises the risk of service interruption.

Prevent blocks, and protect yourself from network and hardware failures

Proxy Server Cloud FAQ’s

How do I integrate my software?

Simply point your software to one hostname address. Custom builds may require some simple tweaks that we can guide you with.

Is The Proxy Server Cloud a proxy server?

The Proxy Server Cloud is a very large pool of IP addresses, designed so that your requests are spread at random throughout the IP address pool. To make it easy for anyone to use, we designed the system to use the “proxy server” settings in your software. Custom-built software can also be tweaked for easy integration.

Which countries and domains are available?

We provide The Proxy Server Cloud with servers based in data centres spread all across the USA. We also have a smaller pool available in the UK. Most non-search engine sites can be accessed using The Proxy Server Cloud.

Can it handle huge updates, e.g. millions of queries?

Yes! We can look at providing scalable plans so you can achieve dizzyingly fast scraping speeds.

Can I try The Proxy Server Cloud for free?

Yes! In fact, we require that a free trial is completed. Not only does a trial help you evaluate the product and establish the pricing tier for your requirements, but it also helps you optimise your software in a risk-free environment before moving forward.

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