Virtual or Dedicated?

If you need to run Keyword Ranking Reports for different countries, or extract data from international App Stores and avoid Google Blocks, your software needs to send queries via international Geo-Proxy Servers, each with their own unique IP address.

If you need to do this in a lot of countries, the costs quickly mount up.

To make multiple international Geo-Proxy Servers, as well as US Metro Proxy Servers, available to the entire industry, not just those with the deepest pockets, Trusted Proxies brings you two different types of Proxy Server Plans to cater to the different needs of SEO Professionals and Developers.

If you’re not querying Search Engines or App Stores, Virtual Dedicated Proxy Servers are usually ideal for you.


  • Each unique Proxy Server IP Address on your plan is dedicated to you only for Keyword Ranking or App Store querying purposes.
  • 0% risk of Google Blocks due to other customers, so you’re assured you can always run your software or urgent reports whenever you need to 24/7.

Virtual Dedicated

  • Each unique Proxy Server on your plan is dedicated to you and only a very small number of other customers.
  • Costs much less than Dedicated Proxy Servers.
  • Small risk of the occasional Google Block causing occasional small delays to your software or reports.
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