Proxy Solutions for SaaS, Cloud, and App Developers

Trusted Proxies’ reliable, secure self-healing proxy server platform and API is built for rapid data extraction—without being blocked. Our private proxy solutions are customizable and scalable to meet the needs of complex SaaS development, cloud development, and app store optimization.

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Reliable Proxies for Development & Web Scraping

Relying on a low-quality proxy service during the development process can be a risky proposition. Poorly managed proxy services often result in slow connections, low reliability, minimal support structure, and confusion regarding IP addresses and suppliers.

Trusted Proxies, on the other hand, offers private, dedicated proxy servers that you can count on for reliability and security throughout the development lifecycle. Trusted Proxies offers scalable private proxy services for web and app developers on a number of platforms.


Private Proxy for SaaS Developers

SaaS developers often rely on fast, highly anonymous proxy servers to extract data from the web. With a sub-par proxy service, this process can be slow and burdensome, especially when dealing with expiring IP addresses and the infamous Google block. With an enterprise-class proxy server platform like Trusted Proxies, SaaS developers can scrape the web faster and avoid the costly overhead of juggling suppliers and IP addresses.

Proxies for Cloud Developers

Cloud developers need reliable, consistent proxies for web scraping, and the cost of maintaining multiple IP addresses or resetting network connections takes valuable time away from the development process. Trusted Proxies offers unique, scalable proxy solutions that eliminate the headaches and let you focus on perfecting your product.

Proxy Solutions for App Store Optimization Developers

App store optimization developers need to gather accurate geographic data from app stores in multiple countries. Using a public proxy for geo surfing results in slow, unreliable scraping or inaccurate geographic data, often without a support structure to correct the issue.

Trusted Proxies’ international proxy services allow you to collect up-to-date, accurate data from around the world to show how your clients’ apps are performing in international market. In addition, Trusted Proxies’ solutions do not use any trickery to “fool” data sources into believing the server is located somewhere else; we own and operate data infrastructure around the world to bring international business and marketing intelligence straight to you.

Seamless API Integration with Proxy Servers

Trusted Proxies offers an API to seamlessly connect the premium proxy server platform with new software. Using the Trusted Proxies API, developers can integrate our Proxy Servers into their software with very little coding, enabling maximum benefit with minimal effort. All of Trusted Proxies’ solutions are designed to be compatible with most programming languages, including Java, .NET, PHP, and many more.

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Geo-Targeting With International Proxies

Get accurate data from all over the world using geo-targeted proxies from Trusted Proxies. We operate high-quality servers in hundreds of geographically diverse locations, including many Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers. Our secure global infrastructure ensures you can get the most up-to-date information from overseas markets, putting you one step ahead of the competition.

Our international proxy servers help professionals in a variety of industries, including app development, marketing, and more. International proxies help app store optimization developers see how their apps are performing in international app stores, and marketing professionals use them to check local search results and advertisements from other countries.

Trusted Proxies offers international proxy servers in a wide variety of locations, including the U.S., the U.K., Australia, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Russia, and many more. Our geoproxy plans are available as dedicated geoproxy servers or virtual dedicated geoproxy servers, depending on your software or app development needs.

Prevent Google Blocks

Building and maintaining complex applications requires extracting web data on a large scale—often leading to the infamous “Google block.” Whether you are building an application from scratch or maintaining existing infrastructure, a high-quality proxy server platform is key to creating a reliable development environment and meeting your timeline.

Trusted Proxies works with your system engineers to understand your app and what you are trying to do, then match you with an ideal proxy server strategy. We test your proxy servers beforehand to ensure they are clean and ready to use, proactively manage the server to preempt blocks, and replace the server immediately in the unlikely event of a Google block. Most of this information can also be managed by integrating with our API.

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More Info for Developers

Proxy Support & Management for Developers

Trusted Proxies offers high-quality private proxy solutions for SaaS developers, cloud developers, and app store optimization developers. Contact us today for more information about customizable, scalable proxy solutions.

Maximize Uptime & Reliability

Trusted Proxies operates data centers around the world, housing solutions in the most robust and resilient environments available. We pride ourselves on ensuring continuous service availability and providing increased productivity for our clients.

Unlike low-cost proxy server providers, our infrastructure of worldwide proxy servers spans a huge volume of unique C, B, and A class IP addresses. This, along with our diverse data center locations, means that if any proxy server encounters a block, hardware failure, or network failure, only a very small number of your proxy servers will be affected. This minimizes the risk of service interruption, which can be costly for your platform and your business.

And with our Self-Healing Proxy Server system, even when these occasional issues occur, your software operations are not affected as we take care of automatically replacing them behind the scenes.

Superior Support & Proxy Management

Our in-house Systems Administrators use state-of-the-art proactive monitoring systems to ensure maximum uptime of our global IT infrastructure. Your personal control panel allows you to quickly view and manage your Trusted Proxies products, including viewing your entire estate by location, type, usage, and more.

In addition, our dedicated team of technical support engineers work 24/7/365 to provide support and assistance to clients across all time zones.

Our support staff can troubleshoot and provide expertise via:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Ticket System
  • Live Chat
  • Screen share

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SaaS developers and cloud developers depend on Trusted Proxies to enable massive web data extraction during the app development process. Hear what our customers have to say about why they use Trusted Proxies for fast, secure proxy servers.

Trusted Proxies provides peace of mind with a 24/7 System Administration team, which ensures mission-critical applications are always working when you need them. Request a free trial to see how Trusted Proxies can streamline your SaaS or app development.

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