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Search Engines and Web Scraping

Google, Bing and all other search engines only want humans conducting searches and accessing their data.

As a default defence mechanism, they block automated querying because bad actors carrying out nefarious online activities often use large-scale attacks led by bots. These could overwhelm their servers, leading to downtime for their real customers and loss of revenue.

However, as you already know, there are perfectly legitimate reasons to send automated queries and scrape the web.

As a white hat professional, you’ve likely seen your software’s automated queries blocked because Google has mistaken your scraping for a black hat botnet.

Whether you’re conducting competitive research, evaluating local search results, or scraping the web for data, there is nothing more frustrating than being blocked by Google.

Road Block
Helping Hand

Working with your software to prevent blocks

If your business relies on scraping the web without penalties, Trusted Proxies’ enterprise-class technology is the way forward.

Our solutions work seamlessly with your software so you can complete keyword reports and conduct research much faster than ever before. Free yourself up to focus on satisfying your existing customers and working on gathering new ones.

Trusted Proxies’ Solutions

We offer solutions that integrate with your software to streamline and accelerate your search engine scraping process.

  • The Big-G Stealth Extractor. Turbocharge your SERP and keyword requests to Google, Bing and Yahoo without being blocked. Ideal for large keyword ranking reports or near-instant results for small reports, allowing you to complete far faster than with regular proxy servers.
  • International Proxy Servers. Our global range of endpoints can accelerate the process of monitoring search results for international clients. With data centers located all over the world, you can check search engine results and gather local SERPs as if from almost anywhere.
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Custom Solutions

Whether you need just a few endpoints or enough to power thousands of competitive reports, we offer a wide range of solutions for companies of all sizes. We can also develop custom solutions for specific requirements.

Not sure? Hear what our customers have to say about our secure and reliable scraping services.

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