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Prevent your business secrets and communications from hackers
Ensure complete privacy for all your company’s devices

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Hackers and data breaches are everywhere. These days it doesn’t matter who you are, small businesses, private individuals, large organizations, you’re all at risk of sensitive data and communications being intercepted and hijacked.


Privatise from Appstractor protects all your organization’s computers, smartphones and tablets from eavesdropping by hackers and competitors.

Even if you think you visit only secure websites, you’re still at high risk. Many well-known websites have been shown to have multiple security holes. Can you guarantee every website your colleagues visit is 100% secure? Do you have any idea how secure the apps on your phone are?

And if you or your colleagues use public wifi, the risks increase many times over.

Privatise installs in seconds on all your company and personal computers, Macs, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

It automatically runs quietly in the background, scrambling all your internet connections with the outside world, making them virtually impossible to be intercepted and read by anyone.

Privatise gives you "always on" encryption, without you having to even think about, so your privacy is always assured.

Online Privacy for Small & Medium Businesses

Privatise is designed to be used by small companies and large organizations alike, who have no technical knowledge.

There are no usernames and passwords to remember, no hassle installation, starts instantly and runs in the background, with only two buttons to press if you want to control it yourself.

As it is designed for business use, you or anyone else in the company can easily manage your company account, from billing to ensuring staff compliance.

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Private Proxy Free Trial

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