February 2021 Newsletter

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February 2021 Newsletter

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Time Flies

Was January seven weeks long for you too?

I can’t guarantee February won’t fly by any faster, but you can kill some time by reading through these articles I’ve chosen especially for you.

Web Scraping and Investments

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There’s been a great deal of noise lately in financial circles about GameStop, a US store specialising in consoles, games and electronics.

Hedge funds tried short-selling their stock to make a profit based on the belief that the company was performing poorly (and by doing so would have put the company in an even worse position). That didn’t quite go to plan when thousands of Redditors took umbrage and decided to get involved.

As I was reading up on this, serendipity struck and presented me with an article on the link between web scraping and investments from International Banker, which I thought I’d save for the newsletter.

There’s a growing recognition that the extra data points obtained by web scraping can help minimise risk and positively affect investment portfolios. Adding web scraping to an investors toolbox is now a no-brainer. They can’t afford not to include good web scraping software in their arsenal.

Backing that up is Daniel Ni of Scraper API, who reaffirms that web scraping by, and for, financial institutions is a definite growth market. Indeed, Hedge Funds are spending somewhere in the region of $2 billion per annum on web scraping.

Yes, you did read that right.

Google now paying French news publishers, still battling Australia

Neon Google

Have you had to imagine life without Google lately? And I don’t mean professionally, just in your day-to-day use of the internet.

If so, you’re probably based in Australia.

Google has threatened to pull the plug there due to impending legislation that will force tech companies to pay news publishers for any content they use. A bold escalation, and one which the Australian government has risen to meet.

This legislation doesn’t end with Google either. The Australian government also has Facebook’s News Feed in their sights, and they say that other platforms could be targeted should they create a ‘bargaining power imbalance’.

Google recently, and somewhat contradictory on face value, came to an agreement in France to pay for news content there. Since then, they have struck some deals with local media businesses in Australia. However, this has not diminished the government’s determination to press ahead with legislation.

This story is going to rumble on and the topic of who pays for what content at the highest level isn’t one that’s going away anytime soon. As ever, the devil is all in the detail (and the legal jargon). Fortunately, Search Engine Journal has done us all a favour and broken down the dispute into non-legalese.

Instagram now blocking TikTok content

Instagram News

Are you recycling content between social media apps? If so, you might want to rethink that strategy.

The Verge reports that Instagram has started to block TikTok content that includes a watermark, especially in regards to Reels. That’s hot on the heels of Insta’s recent algorithm changes and their best practice guides on creating and promoting content on their platform.

Instagram is obviously trying to keep content creation in-house as they’re advising content creators use music from their library too. Any content which contains lots of text, a watermark or a logo will be pushed far down the recommendation list.

The official line is this will increase user satisfaction and the personalisation experience as users find recycled content ‘less satisfying’. Though they understandably, don’t want their platform to be an advertisement for another.

And that’s all from me this month. Thanks for reading all the way down to here!

All the best,

Paul Holmes

Head of Sales Operations and Partner Development

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