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SEO Agencies

Seo Agencies
Dramatically speed up your Keyword Ranking Reports - without getting banned by Google. Solutions for Advanced Web Ranking, Web CEO, & many more.

SEO & Analytics Managers

SEO & Analytics Managers
Dig much deeper and faster into Google, Yahoo & Bing. Find and track tens of thousands of Long Tail keywords you never had time to track, to discover where to dominate your competitors.

Web Scraping

Web Scraping
Perform in-depth competitive research, quickly and anonymously. Never get blocked by your target sites, and don’t even tip them off that you’re looking.

Deep Search Engine Analytics

Deep Search Engine Analytics

The best SEO's and Analytics Managers don't need us to tell them their Number #1 priority is fast access to accurate and up to date data.
  • Frustrated by how long your keyword or backlink reports & projects take to run?
  • Wish you could run reports for far more keywords, more frequently, but there's never enough time?
  • Worried your ranking reports are out of date by the time they've finished running?
  • Afraid of being blocked by Google & Bing?
  • Having problems with getting geographically accurate data?

The fact that your SEO software runs slowly and can't give you that data isn't necessarily the fault of the vendor, rather is due to the policies of the Search Engines that place limits on the number and speed of queries you can send to them without being banned.

And your data may frequently be skewed by the IP address of the country you are in, as the major Search Engines attempt to "personalise" results for your country - even when you don't want them to!

Deep-Search-Engine-AnalyticsTrusted Proxies provides tried and tested solutions for SEO and Analytics Managers to be able to very rapidly generate more of the up to date and accurate data you need to compete and dominate your marketplaces:

  • Avoid Google Blocks altogether, while completely hiding your identity from Google and the other Search Engines
  • For Google &/or Bing only reports, send queries at up to 600 Queries Per Minute, so you can run on-demand reports to find the data you need with the Big-G Stealth Extractor
  • For all other Search Engines, run your reports 5, 10, 30, or even 99 faster to get that data with Parallel Private Proxy Servers
  • And then run them weekly, or even daily for near real time insights to the data you need
  • Collect data on far more keywords than you thought possible - and uncover multitudes of new niches to dominate your clients' competitors
  • Collect the data as if you were in the same country as your clients, or visitors from main foreign markets by choosing Parallel Private Proxy Servers physically located in one of the main markets, or single Geo-Proxy Servers in scores of locations around the world and USA

No longer do you need to wonder "what if" because you can't wait the several hours or even days to find out the data.

No longer do you need to wonder "what if" because you can't see the data the same way your clients or visitors do in their own countries or major US Metro Areas.

The smartest Analytics Managers are using Trusted Proxies solutions to dig far, far deeper into the Search Engines, to track vastly more keywords for major competitive advantage.  As large reports can take days to run, many managers responsible for report generation have restricted the numbers of keywords tracked to keep reporting times manageable.

But if you're doing that too, you're missing out on treasure troves of data.

You're probably familiar with some of the tools that are good at generating "Long Tail" keywords.  But as a Reporting or Analytics Manager, that doesn't necessarily help you, due to the huge amount of time needed to do the tracking.

Hence you might be like many other industry Pro's who have simply rationed the number of keywords tracked.

But now you can join the smartest SEO & Analytics Managers and expand out those keyword lists.  Now you can find and track the treasure troves of "Long Tail" keywords that are easier to rank and dominate, unlocking large amounts of new relevant traffic to your and your clients' websites.

You may even get a few surprises, and see how your competitors have been doing it for months or years, and you never even knew!

Now you can track that data and feed it back to your team and clients so you can get even and get ahead!

Hundreds of SEO & Analytics Professionals in the USA, UK, Europe and all over the world rely on Trusted Proxies to find this data.

Can you afford to be left behind tracking smaller sets of data that may be geographically inaccurate and could even already be out of date?


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