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US Metro Geo-Private Proxy Servers


US Metro Proxy Servers will replace your IP address with one in the US Metro Area of your choice.

Use our Toolbars for Chrome and Firefox to make switching locations as simple as two clicks of your mouse.

This enables you to see website content and Search Engine results in the same way as people physically there.

Also it enables your offshore or out of state employees to post of Geo-sensitive sites without getting error messages.

Choose the US Metro Proxy Plan suitable for you.

If you require any Metro Areas not listed, please contact us.

US Metro Areas Proxy Servers



State City State City
Arizona Phoenix Minnesota Minneapolis
Arizona Tucson          Missouri Kansas City
California Los Angeles Missouri St. Louis
California San Diego Nevada Las Vegas
California San Francisco New Jersey Newark
California San Jose New York New York City
Colorado Englewood North Carolina    Asheville
DC Washington North Carolina Ralleigh-Durham
Florida Miami Oregon Portland
Florida Orlando Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Florida Tampa Pennsylvania Scranton
Georgia Atlanta Texas Dallas
Illinois Chicago Texas Houston
Indiana South Bend Texas Austin
Maryland Baltimore Utah Logan
Massachusetts Boston Virginia Virginia Beach
Michigan East Lansing Virginia Richmond
Michigan Detroit Washington Seattle

Please note, "Geo-IP Targeting" and Geo-IP databases are not 100% accurate.  At the country level they are 95% accurate.  At the regional level, accuracy varies from 50% to 80%.

Consequently we cannot guarantee city center precision, and instead refer to the "US Metro Area" which could be up to 50 miles (80 kms) of city centers, although it usually within 20 miles or less. This is usually adequate for most applications.


Trusted Proxies does not allow "Black Hat" usage or spam of any kind, and all customers must comply with our Acceptable Usage Policy.



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