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Four Reasons Why The Wrong Proxy Solution Will Hinder Your Company's Data Operations

Most companies need several large data operations to function in the modern world.

In fact, 90% of analytics and business professionals surveyed said data was vital to their organisation's digital transformation initiatives.

These data operations often require scraping websites, which can be time-consuming, inconsistent and hard to do at scale.

It takes about 2.5 seconds on average to load a website, so a scrape of 100,000 pages could take almost three days.

Companies have started building in-house software to help with large data operations.

These data collection software rely on proxy servers as they serve crucial functions in privacy, data-collection, scalability and expanding operations globally.

Choosing the right proxy solution to build your software is crucial. Otherwise, it will become a roadblock to a business's ability to gather data and, ultimately, grow.

1. Streamlining Data Collection and Market Research

In-house software is essential in scaling data operations. Proxy solutions enable in-house software to navigate and scrape the web quickly and reliably without worrying about IP blocks.

This means businesses can perform anything from competitor analysis to price monitoring and customer sentiment, benefiting those looking to get ahead in competitive markets.

However, a poor server solution can lead to proxy servers quickly being blocked, leading to long downtimes and inefficient workflow.

Ensuring your proxy solution can "self-heal" to avoid unnecessary downtime from manually cycling IP addresses is crucial.

2. Privacy and security

On a basic level, a good proxy solution creates a layer of digital security for a business. When scraping large amounts of data from across the web, it must be kept securely.

Cyber-security is vital, and cheap proxy solutions often upload your data to public networks or bot-nets, which are vulnerable to attack. They can even mix up your data on the dark web, ultimately putting it at risk of being leaked.

Poorly managed data can cause serious problems. According to IBM, the average data breach cost in 2023 was almost 4.45 million dollars.

It's not just your data at risk. If you've scraped a competitor's data and it wasn't publicly available on their site, there could be potential legal ramifications down the line. This can be a roadblock to the growth of anyone's business, let alone an SME.

The right solution should be private and managed through its own network in a physical location. This means your requests are completely secure, which keeps your data safe and the data from other people's websites, too.

When scaling data operations, the last thing your business needs is a data breach, and mitigating risks wherever possible is key.

3. Optimising Load and Performance

As your business's data operations grow, so does the strain on digital infrastructure. More users on a software means more load and, ultimately, more requests for the proxy solution. This can often lead to slowdowns and even crashes, significantly affecting the usability of in-house software.

The average employee can lose up to 46 minutes daily waiting for slow tech to load. This can correlate to a lack of production or even missed deadlines over a long enough time.

A good proxy solution plays a critical role in allowing a business's data operations to scale by having the infrastructure in place to deliver requests no matter how many there are, and the flexibility to instantly scale when needed.

4. Breaking down Geographical Barriers

Finally, geographical barriers can impede data collection and market research, especially since market data can even differ from within a country.

A reliable solution needs servers located throughout the globe, meaning your software can bypass geo-blocks and get accurate information internationally.

This feature is crucial for businesses aiming to enter new markets or tailor their marketing strategies to different regions and for understanding aspects such as their competitors and where website traffic comes from.

Similarly, localised content can create comprehensive brand management across different regions and platforms.

A good solution should enable active data collection across different areas and help boost marketing success.

The Right Tools

Building in-house software to help with large data operations has become a necessity for many companies in the modern world. However, choosing the right proxy solution is crucial for the success of these operations.

A poor proxy solution can lead to IP blocks, security breaches, slow load times, and geographical barriers, which can hinder a business's ability to gather data and grow.

Therefore, it is essential to choose the right proxy solution backed by a reliable provider to ensure the success of your in-house software and, ultimately, your business.

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