What does Windows 10 Hold for Digital Marketers?

It’s been nearly three weeks since the new Windows 10 update launched, and after months of speculation and anticipation, we’re finally starting to see initial feedback. Since the launch date at the end of July 2015, over 50 million people have upgraded to Windows 10. According to Techradar.com, Windows 10 now owns almost 5% of… Read More »

From Local to Hyper-Local: Ad Targeting Gets Smarter in 2015

As early as 2012, big box retailers like Best Buy, Macy’s, and Walmart devised a way to geo-target smartphones of consumers nearby to send them timely coupons and advertisements. For the first time, this enabled them to draw from a wealth of knowledge about an individual consumer, based on information about each person’s shopping history,… Read More »

The Internet of Things – Technology of the Future

You may have heard the term ‘the internet of things’ (IoT), but what does it mean? The phrase itself simply means the day when there are more things than people connected to the internet, or “a living, moving, global nervous system” where everything is connected. What does that practically mean though? How will it affect our… Read More »

Why Mobile-Friendly is the Key to Local-Friendly

Smartphone ownership is on the rise, along with tablets and even the infamous ‘phablet’. With it, consumers have the freedom to run life on the fly—and make it work. They can find just about anything on a whim, from a nail salon to Chinese take-out to shoe repair, all at the click of a few… Read More »

Guest Post: In-House or Outsourced SEO, What Do Our Clients Really Need?

A controversial question that almost every business owner that engages in search advertising will eventually ask his or herself; “should I outsource SEO to a marketing company or bring it in house”? Being that almost every business structure is different, it can be a really difficult and speculative question to answer…  Fortunately, I’ve been on… Read More »

More Local Pigeon Complications

The past couple of months has seen intense discussion in the SEO industry evaluating Google’s Pigeon update and its effects on “Local” results.  A major issue has been the volatility of the results (especially the “7-pack”) and sometimes contradictory conclusions of different commentators. In this article I want to present some of the findings from… Read More »

Zooming Out: A Macro Perspective on Google’s New HTTPS SEO Ranking

Google’s recent announcement via their Webmasters blog that HTTPS will now be used as a search ranking factor has a lot of SEOs are scratching their heads. Google webmaster trends analysts Zineb Ait Bahajji and Gary Illyes shared this on the blog: “[…] we’re starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal. For now it’s only… Read More »

GUEST POST: How to Write & Publish Your Very Own Content Resource Center

Google hates spam, but loves quality content – as Matt Cutts reminds us every 5 seconds. We may all be familiar with article marketing, onsite content marketing, link baiting, and things of a similar nature . . . but they’re a lot of work. I’m about to make it easy by combining all three. I… Read More »

Facebook Targets Next Big Market With “Missed Call” Ads

As much as 84% of the 1.28 billion people that get on Facebook monthly live outside of the U.S. Yet when Facebook execs checked their profits per user, they quickly realized a big gap. As of 2013, Europe, Asia and “high-growth” areas around the world brought in only about 33% of the revenue that US… Read More »

The Aftermath: Casualties and Lessons of the Local Pigeon Update

When the latest Pigeon update came out about two weeks ago, Google cited offering accurate, more relevant local search as their goal. What that would actually entail was a bit unexpected. Immediately, Twitter and blogs were lighting up everywhere: major changes were happening in local search, and no one was quite sure why. Mozcast was… Read More »

Right To Be Forgotten: The Smudged Line Between Privacy & Censorship

It’s a tipping point on a global scale. A gateway to some serious international dispute. Passed by the EU, the Right to be Forgotten requires major search engines like Google (let’s face it, mainly Google) to provide individuals the option to request removal of their personal information from search results. To date, Google has received… Read More »

The Death Of The Laptop?

Will Microsoft’s Third Generation Surface Finally Send Laptops Six Feet Under? Recently touted by Surface VP Panos Panay as “The tablet that can replace your laptop”, the latest incarnation of Microsoft’s “Dream the impossible” initiative landed in US stores and online last week to expectant and intrigued consumers. Everyone seems to have the same lingering… Read More »

Internet Moguls Go Offline to Build Digital Experience

Behind every big stage show, there’s a talented crew at work just around the curtain. And despite their tireless efforts to orchestrate the show, most often the only ones who are ever acknowledged are the ones in the limelight. Yet without the help of numerous other experts, the production would never have been possible. The… Read More »

Coming Down From Cloud Nine: Why Big Data Needs Small Data

Big data emerged in recent years as the shiny new toy of the marketing world. It was exciting, expensive, and though it had actually been around for quite a while, captivated us with recent strides, creating an allure akin to the mystique of the latest iPhone series. And not unlike overzealous children, we were quick… Read More »

Trusted Proxies Global Reach

Did you know Trusted Proxies operates servers from over 60 different countries across the globe within over 200 Data Centers? We take a look at our Global Infrastructure and how it benefits our clients worldwide. Data Centers in over 60 Countries Our international datacenters located in over 60 countries worldwideensure you gather the most accurate… Read More »

Life Gamified: The Future of Mobile Marketing

 What lofty insight do time-sucking apps like Angry Birds give us mobile marketers? Well for one thing, this: that there are few things people love more than a good, mindless game. They hit that primal sweet spot, lighting up those serotonin receptors the same way dunking your hand into a bag of Doritos does. Who… Read More »

“Smart” Innovations Drive Paradigm Shift in Search

The evolution of search—spearheaded, of course, by Google’s latest moves—has been morphing at breakneck speed. This comes as no surprise, since the digital space seems to evolve at a rate unmatched by any other industry. And with Google’s most recent updates, many SEO marketers are dumbfounded—some questioning whether Google isn’t intentionally undermining their optimization efforts.… Read More »

2013 SEO Conference Round-Up

This year has provided everyone within the SEO industry with some fantastic conferences and events across the globe. Trusted Proxies were pround to be part of some of the biggest events worldwide in 2013. Here we take a look at the various conferences Trusted Proxies have taken part in this year:    1. SMX Israel.… Read More »

Google and Location Localisation

I did want to provide screenshots and samples, but unfortunately time does not allow.  A lot of customers want this info and methodically gathering all the screenshots and data will just delay this by a long time.  I apologise in advance, trust that you will “take my word for it” – and hope to be… Read More »

Private Proxy Servers for Keyword Ranking Software Commercial

Fast, Reliable, Private Proxy Servers Designed Specifically for SEO’s Do your Keyword Ranking Reports take hours, or even days to run? You know that if you send too many automated queries to Google, Bing and Yahoo they’ll ban you, so you have to run your Keyword Ranking Reports in “Human Emultation” or “Be Nice to… Read More »

Parallel Proxy Servers for Advanced Web Ranking Video Demo

You can make your Advanced Web Ranking Reports run much, much faster.You probably know that to avoid Google banning you, you have to run your AWR Reports in “Search Engine Friendly” mode – which means they take forever to run.To get around this, AWR lets you send your queries in parallel by using its built-in… Read More »

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