Big-G Stealth Extractor

Easily integrate your software to send up to 600 queries per minute to Google, Yahoo or Facebook – without being blocked.

Serp Extraction and Rank Tracking Made Easy

With one IP address holding you back, sustained queries to search engines can run at just one or two queries per minute.

To go faster, you need to use multiple proxy servers in parallel. And to be really fast, you need even more servers. Achieving these high speeds through regular proxy servers can soon become expensive and difficult to scale.

The Big-G Stealth Extractor makes it easy, and cost-effective, to upgrade your SEO efforts.

Connect your software to the Big-G Stealth Extractor and send queries to Google, Yahoo and Facebook (and Bing by special request) at up to 600 queries per minute.

As a result, a modest report of 600 keywords that would take over 10 hours can now complete in one minute!

Simple, Yet Powerful Data Extraction

The Big-G Stealth Extractor is powerful enough to satisfy your developer, but simple enough for any SEO professional to use.

Point your software to one hostname address. There is no large and difficult list of proxy servers to manage and maintain.

Try the Big-G Stealth Extractor

The Big-G Stealth Extractor starts at just $30 per month. Request a free trial and evaluate the effectiveness of the Big-G Stealth Extractor for your rank tracking and SERP extraction requirements.

Big-G Stealth Extractor FAQ’s

How do I integrate my software?

Simply point your third-party software to one hostname address. Custom builds may require some simple tweaks that we can guide you with.

Is the Big-G Stealth Extractor a proxy server?

The Big-G Stealth Extractor is not a traditional proxy server.

To make it easy for anyone to use, we designed The Big-G Stealth Extractor to use the “proxy server” settings in your software. This eliminates the need for costly or complicated integrations. Custom-built software can also be tweaked for easy integration.

How fast can I really send my queries?

The Big-G Stealth Extractor is designed to accept 600 queries per minute. However, due to limitations of your software you may not always be able to achieve these speeds.

For example, if your software has been designed to send a few queries per minute, it may not be able to handle sending, processing, and logging so many queries. With popular SEO software like Rank Tracker, we have benchmarked it on some PC’s updating at 350 queries per minute, and have other clients with custom software running at 600 queries per minute without problems.

Which countries and domains are available?

We have Big-G Stealth Extractor servers in the USA, UK, Germany and France.

Several other countries are available by special arrangement. Get in touch with us about the country you’re interested in.

Can it handle huge updates, e.g. millions of queries?

Yes! While one Big-G server can handle 600 queries per minute, we can look at providing multiple servers so you can use these in parallel with one another and achieve dizzyingly fast querying speeds.

Can I try the Big-G Stealth Extractor for free?

Yes! In fact, we require that a free trial is completed.

Not only does a trial help you evaluate the product and establish the pricing tier for your requirements, but it also helps you optimise your software in a risk-free environment before moving forward.

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