Big-G Stealth Extractor Plans

Send up to 600 Queries per Minute to Google, Yahoo or Facebook – without being detected.

Get your results 600+ times faster than normal. Integrates easily with your software.

Price Guide: Big G Stealth Extractor pricing works on a metered basis. You estimate the amount of bandwidth you’re likely to run through in a month and sign up for a suitable plan.  Complete the form below so we can help you choose.

FeaturesMonthly GB AllocationMonthly
Solo2GB$30.00 USD
Small Biz6GB$50.00 USD
Team15GB$100.00 USD
Studio40GB$175.00 USD
Big Studio80GB$275.00 USD
Enterprise Studio160GB$500.00 USD

Contact us for requirements over 160GB

Bing is also supported by special request.

Month to month, cancel anytime with one month’s notice.

Note your final quote and billing method will depend on the results of your trial and the software you use.

Complete the form below to request your free trial. Please note free trials are only granted to qualified users.

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