Recommend Trusted Proxies services to colleagues and friends and earn ongoing 20% recurring commission on their fees for as long as they remain customers in good standing. To become an affiliate, login to the Customer Portal and go to the Affiliates Section.

Affiliate Agreement

1) We pay 20% commission of all on-going subscription fees from customer referred by you.

2) Commissions are added to your Affiliate Account Balance approx 35 days after the month the fees are received.

3) Minimum payout is $20, if your balance is below that, it is rolled over until the next month.

4) Once your balance is above $20, you must login to the Affiliates Section of the Customer Portal to request a payout.

5) You can get your unique Affiliate Link from the Affiliates Section of your account in the Customer Portal.

6) Clicks on the affiliate link will place a 90 day cookie on the visitor’s computer, so any orders received from them within 90 days of the click will be credited to your account.

7) Under some circumstances, some customer orders are occasionally placed that are not linked back automatically to your account, eg order is placed manually over the phone, or under a different email address, or from a different machine etc. If you know you have referred a paying customer to us, you can inform us and we will manually link it to your account.

8) Likewise, referred customers can tell us they were referred by you, and we will manually link them to your account.

9) You can track and manage all aspects of your affiliate account from the Affiliates Section of your account in the Customer Portal.

10) Payouts are free to PayPal and UK Bank accounts. Bank transfer costs will be passed on for transfers to banks in other countries if needed. Alternatively, by special arrangement it may be possible to credit your earnings against your own subscription fees.

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