Ad Verification

Monitor your ad campaigns anywhere in the world.
Perfect for small and large-scale needs
Access your data in real time from over 80 locations worldwide
Self-healing servers provided as standard

Check your ads work for you, not against you

Your marketing team may have a great local ad campaign, but without the ability to check results in your target locale, their hard work might count for nothing.

Fraudsters can fake ad traffic, meaning that no one may ever see your ads, and you won’t get any sales. Even if some are showing, their placement may lack any real punch, and many facets of their general performance may need improvement.

International proxy servers are the perfect tool for ad verification and check landing pages so you can improve their performance, boost your sales and highlight fraud.

Why Trusted Proxies For Ad Verification?

Global Reach

Access endpoints localised data from over 80 countries around the globe.

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Easily Integrate Your Software

Simple Integration

Your software easily integrates with our ‘Self-Healing Proxy Servers’.

Compatible with most custom software and programming languages, including Java, .NET, PHP, and many more.

Start from just $10

Perfect for individuals, small agencies and large scale requirements.

Accessible price points mean anyone can access endpoints across the globe.

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One Hostname

No server lists. Ever

No large and difficult lists of endpoints to manage and maintain; just point your software to static hostname addresses.

Never have to change an IP address again. Ever.

Test with no obligation

Request a test drive and check how our international proxy servers can help with ad verification and open up vital data from across the world.

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Why Choose Trusted Proxies For Ad Verification?

Global Reach

Access vital, localised data through our network of endpoints in over 80 countries.


Eliminate the headache and hassle of managing large numbers of proxy servers with our ‘Self-Healing Proxy Servers’.

24/7 Support

Receive around the clock assistance from our Tech Support team through phone, email or ticket.


Our Sys Admin team keep your mission-critical applications running 24×7. Maintain high availability and redundancy in hundreds of locations worldwide.


Our vast range of intelligently assigned and actively managed C, B and A class servers protects you from blocks.

Data & Network Security

P2P networks and public proxies are a security nightmare. We assure your security with managed data centers.

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