About Us

Trusted Proxies: Next generation, simple and innovative technology

Founded by Paul Rosenthal in 2010, Trusted Proxies quickly became an industry leader for Search & Digital Marketing professionals. They depend on our services to safely and rapidly generate data and analytics for their clients and their research.

Our Enterprise Class Private Proxy Servers are fast, secure and reliable, and designed specifically for the “White Hat” Search Engine & Digital Marketing and Intelligence industries.

Meet the Management Team

Paul Rosenthal. Founder & CEO

Paul Rosenthal is the founder and CEO of Trusted Proxies. He started the business from his living room in 2010 after growing frustrated at the lack of practical support for software developers, SEO agencies and digital marketers.


Paul Rosenthal

Claudiu Ciungan. Sys Admin Manager

Claudiu Ciungan is Trusted Proxies' Sys Admin Manager. He has 10+ years of experience managing Linux based systems, for both web hosts and in-house. He specialises in administrating SaaS environments and loves automating procedures and systems.


Claudiu Ciungan

Paul Holmes. Head of Partner Development and Sales Operations

Paul has been a tech geek since Betamax was hip. With a tangible passion for ensuring customer success and many years of account management under his belt, Paul is ideally positioned to manage our customers and help drive their success.


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