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Perform in-depth competitive research, quickly and anonymously. Never get blocked by your target sites, and don’t even tip them off that you’re looking.

Public vs Private Proxy Servers

Public-vs-Private-Proxy-ServersAt first sight, "P2P" or “Free” Public Proxy Servers look like they could be the solution for SEM’s looking to get around the “Google Block” problems with their Search Engine Ranking software.

Just googling “free proxy severs” will find you lists of hundreds of Proxy Servers, maybe thousands.

But here are some of the well known problems of Public Proxy Servers:

  • If you’ve ever tried to use free/public Proxy Servers then you’ll quickly have discovered that they rarely work,

  • And when they do they are beyond slow.

  • And if you’re lucky to find a working Proxy (let alone 5 or 10 working Proxies – and forget 30!) it almost certainly wouldn’t be working the next time you came back,

  • So then you have to start the cycle of searching for working proxies and updating your software all over again.

Why are Public Proxy Servers so Unreliable?

  • It’s because there’s really no such thing as a genuine, free, Public Proxy Server.

  • Any company that sets up Proxy Servers for their own use isn’t going to make them freely available as it may compromise their own security, and would almost certainly become overrun as so many people are looking for free Proxy Servers.

  • There is a proud histroy in the Internet world of some kind folks making resources available for free. But not always. SMTP Mail Servers is a good example. As a mail server can be abused to send out zillions of spam messages, you never see free public SMTP mail servers. Any sensible Network Professional will secure their mail servers to prevent them from “relaying” and being hijacked.

  • The same is true for Proxy Servers. No decent Network Pro configures Proxy Servers and leaves them open to the public, as they will quickly be exploited and overrun. And any underhand or illegal activity carried out through them will get traced back to their organisation.

  • So the vast majority (if not all) publicly available free Proxy Server, that does not require any registration or authentication, are either misconfigured Proxy Servers belonging to someone else, or are computers that have been compromised by hackers who have installed their own Proxy Server software so they can use the computers as “Zombies” or “BotNets” for their own dubious ends.

  • In either event, the actual owner of the computer hosting the free Public Proxy Server is not aware of it (at first) and certainly is not a willing host.

  • As lists of compromised or misconfigured machines (otherwise known as “free Public Proxy Servers”) circulate through the Internet, more and more people start using them – like bees attracted to honey. Very quickly they become over-used and hence the slow response.

  • Eventually the machines either completely crash due to so many people using them. Or the owner becomes aware their machine has been compromised (eg through anti-virus software) and the machine is fixed, and/or they install a firewall etc. One way or another, the “free Public Proxy Server” is no longer available.

If you have a business need for Proxy Servers, you can avoid all these hassles and risks by using Private Servers:

  • Don’t waste time searching endless lists for free public Proxy Servers that work

  • Don’t waste time reconfiguring your software every time you do find new Public Proxy Servers to test them

  • Don’t waste time on Public Proxy Servers that work today and then don’t work the next time you use them

  • Don’t risk your company’s reputation having your Internet traffic associated with Internet traffic generated from dubious or illegal activities (law enforcement agencies tracing back hackers who used the same Public Proxy Servers as you will knock on your door)

  • Don’t risk your privacy or company data through fake Public Proxy Servers that may have been set up by hackers just to capture your personal or private details

  • And finally, ask yourself the question, “is it OK and compatible with your company's policies to make use of someone else’s computer resources without their knowledge?”

Choose the type of Private Proxy Server most suited for your use:



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