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For SEO Agencies

For Seo Agencies

  • Do you dread the Client Monthly End Keyword Ranking Reporting cycle?
  • Have a panic attack if a client asks for weekly reports?
  • Frustrated by how long your keyword or backlink reports take to run?
  • Afraid of being blocked by Google?

The fact that your SEO software runs slowly and can't give you that data isn't necessarily the fault of the vendor, but rather is due to the policies of the Search Engines that place limits on the number and speed of queries you can send to them without being banned.

So managing large and multiple reports for multiple clients is a dreaded task as it takes so long to finish them, and when something goes wrong, or you get blocked....

Trusted Proxies provides tried and tested solutions for SEO Agencies:

  • Avoid Google Blocks altogether, while completely hiding your identity from Google and the other Search Engines
  • Run your reports 5, 10, 30, or even 99 times faster with Trusted Proxies multiple Parallel Private Proxy Servers!
  • Run Google Only reports at up to 600 Queries Per Minute - that's 200 times faster than typical SEO software allows with the Big-G Stealth Extractor!
  • And then run those reports weekly, or even on demand, to satisfy your clients' needs, and clear away hours of frustration and headaches, so you can concentrate on the real value added SEO work you love, and your clients are paying for
  • Expand out the number of keywords you can track to give your clients even more satisfaction with your agency
  • Run the reports in the same countries as your clients - without actually having to be there!

For-SEO-Agencies-111Hundreds of SEO Agencies and Professionals in the USA, UK, Europe and all over the world use Trusted Proxies with their SEO software to slash their reporting times.  Having the ability to streamline and simplifying monthly and weekly reporting, they get higher customer satisfaction, and have more time available for doing the real SEO work.

By having more time to concentrate on SEO fundamentals, they can find and track additional niche keywords -- creating a virtuous circle for themselves and their clients.

Can you afford for your clients to be left behind tracking smaller sets of keywords that may already be out of date?

Compatible with leading SEO software like Advanced Web Ranking, Web CEO, Rank Tracker, Market Samurai and SEO Elite among others.


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