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Seo Agencies
Dramatically speed up your Keyword Ranking Reports - without getting banned by Google. Solutions for Advanced Web Ranking, Web CEO, & many more.

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SEO & Analytics Managers
Dig much deeper and faster into Google, Yahoo & Bing. Find and track tens of thousands of Long Tail keywords you never had time to track, to discover where to dominate your competitors.

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Web Scraping
Perform in-depth competitive research, quickly and anonymously. Never get blocked by your target sites, and don’t even tip them off that you’re looking.

Private Proxy Servers for Web CEO

Private Proxy Servers for Web CEO
In common with other SEO packages, Web CEO users also have to send their queries to Search Engines slowly in order to avoid being banned by the Search Engines, leading to excrutiatingly long reporting times.

To try to get around this, Web CEO built-in access to a common pool of Proxy Servers.

They work on the same principle as Trusted Proxies' Parallel Proxy Servers, in that you can send multiple queries in parallel.  Each goes slowly to avoid bans, but by running several of them at the same time, your reporting times are speeded up.

That's the theory, but in our tests, and from what we hear from customers, it doesn't always work quite like that.

We discovered that the problem appears to be that the built-in Proxy Servers are used by so many Web CEO users simultaneously, that often they get overwhelmed and either run slowly, or fail altogether.  Leading to a poor user experience and reports that don't run that much faster.

Web CEO does however allow you to add your own Proxy Servers in addition.

Hence you can subscribe to your own Private Parallel Proxy Server Plan from Trusted Proxies, and get to use your own Proxy Servers that are far more reliable.

They're designed to be fast, secure and reliable so that you can get on with the job of being an SEO and not bogged down with slow reports.



And if you use Web CEO to only check rankings on Google, Trusted Proxies' revolutionary new Big-G Stealth Extractor can slash your report times even further - send Web CEO queries at up to 600 Queries Per Minute!  That's up to 200 times faster than normal!



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