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Dig much deeper and faster into Google, Yahoo & Bing. Find and track tens of thousands of Long Tail keywords you never had time to track, to discover where to dominate your competitors.

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Perform in-depth competitive research, quickly and anonymously. Never get blocked by your target sites, and don’t even tip them off that you’re looking.

Private Proxy Servers for Advanced Web Ranking

Private Proxy Servers for Advanced Web Ranking
Google, Yahoo! and many other Search Engines do not like automated queries against their data. They explain it is because it takes up lots of their resources thereby slowing response for their “real” users – and by implication increasing their costs providing more “horse power” to compensate.

In common with other Search Engine Ranking software that automates queries, Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) looks to Google and the main Search Engines as if it is launching a “Denial of Service” attack, so is blocked as a precaution.

Until now you’ve had to run AWR in  “Be Nice to Search Engine” mode to get around that, which means long random delays between searches.  So even a simple report checking a couple of hundred keyword variations now takes hours to run.  Very inefficient!

AWR offers a great “workaround”.  Caphyon (the makers of AWR) have embedded a Proxy Server Manager in AWR.  This allows you to distribute your queries in parallel to Google et al via different Proxy Servers at the same time.  So the amount of time needed to run a report is shortened proportionately by the number of Proxy Servers you can use simulatenously (up to a maximum of 99).

Advanced Web Ranking Proxy Server Settings

A report that took, say 180 minutes to run would now run in a little over half an hour with 5 Proxy Servers, and an incredible 2 minutes if you used 99 Proxy Servers!

But the problem until now has been getting hold of large number of reliable Proxy Servers in the same Geo-location. Read an article here on the problems of Public Proxy Servers.

Trusted Proxies brings you a solution, tailor made for Advanced Web Ranking. By using multiple Private Proxy Servers in parallel, with “Advanced Web Ranking Speed Packs” AWR can now reliably execute multiple queries simultaneously, without the Search Engine realising those queries are all coming from you!

So you don’t get blocked but see your reports complete in a fraction of the time :-)




And if you check rankings for just Google, Trusted Proxies' revolutionary new Big-G Stealth Extractor can slash report times even more - send AWR queries up to 200 times faster than normal!




Trusted Proxies’ Advanced Web Ranking Speed Packs also give you increased reliability in your Search Engine Ranking Results.

This is because Google and most major search engines tailor their results according to your Geo location, which they get from your IP address.

If you were using “Public” Proxy Servers, and kept replacing dead ones with new ones, their Geo-locations are all going to be completly different.  Even in the same session, and especially in different sessions on different days, the Geo-locations would be from all over the world, really skewing the results.

However, Trusted Proxies’ Advanced Web Ranking Speed Packs group all your Private Proxy Servers into the same Data Center, guaranteeing you the integrity of your results, and you can choose the country and/or US Metro Area of the location of your Data Center to most accurately reflect where you or your clients are based.

See here for Knowledge Base Article on how to configure AWR to use multiple Proxy Servers.

Special Feature: Order an Advanced Web Ranking Speed Pack and we’ll deliver you a formatted text file forinstant import into AWR on request.


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