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Proxy Server Cloud Plans

Proxy Server Cloud Plans

For mass scraping with maximum anonymity

Perform mass web scraping, while completely hiding your identity and not tipping off your target sites that they’re even being scraped. Every one of your Internet requests is randomly distributed across our Proxy Server Cloud of thousands of Private Proxy Servers designed for this purpose.

For mass scraping projects from 5 million to 1 billion GET's* per month, Contact Us to discuss your requirements.
 Entry Cloud
 Standard Cloud
 Big Cloud
 Super Cloud
Enterprise Cloud
Max GET’s Per Month
Overage per non-Search
Engine GET
Max Search Engine
GET’s per month
Overage per Search
Engine GET
Monthly Fee

For a custom plan, Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Pricing PER GET Request

Pricing is metered per HTTP GET Request sent by your browser or software, NOT per page. A web page could require 1 or dozens of GET Requests. Typical pages are 10 to 15 GET Requests each. Ask for a Free Trial if you need to do some measurements.

GET Requests sent to any Google, Yahoo or Bing domain are charged at the higher rate shown, as the Search Engines block IP addresses when too many or sent, and hence a GET Request to a Search Engine is of higher value.

As changing IP addresses is no longer enough to prevent blocks from Google, we only allow the Proxy Server Cloud to be used with Google in very rare cases. To check rankings on Google, you should use our special new service, Big-G Stealth Extractor, which has much lower pricing as well.

* POST and CONNECTION Requests count toward your GET Request limit as they are still Requests that must be anonymized by our service.



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